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Four Directions to Wellness:

Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical

Experience holistic well-being.

Located twenty to thirty minutes from Fort St. James, our location is a pure northern paradise on an acreage with a creek meandering through, a ten minute drive from Pinchi and five minutes from Tsilcoh Falls.

This area has a proud heritage; it is on the unceded traditional territory of the Dakelh people. For more information about Dakelh culture, visit:

Attending a service at our location is a retreat from the rest of your day. Enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of cold well water, and relax into our setting.


Counselling could be under a skylight looking out at the trees, or walking outside in nature, according to your preference. Experience compassion and acceptance while being supported to reach your optimal well-being.

Access your inner artist and learn more about your true self. Self-knowledge brings focus and direction, peace and joy! Art can be accessed therapeutically one-to-one, or perhaps as a group or family excursion. 

Join our weekly yoga classes in a natural setting--often outdoors in the summer months. Bring your own equipment or use ours. Advance registration recommended. Yoga services may also be accessed one-to-one.

Call or email to inquire about on- or off- site workshops. Workshop topics include:

Healing from Grief and Trauma, Finding Your Joy (Again), Empowered by Menopause, Medicinal Plants, Therapeutic Art, Good Communication, Team-Building, Nature and Spirituality, Achieving Wellness, Women's Spirituality, Art Nights. Or, let's design a workshop to meet your particular needs.

We offer Spiritual Services including Memorials/Funerals/Celebrations of Life. The Presider meets with family and friends, assists with planning, advises, may design the memorial card, and conducts the service. Each service is planned within the beliefs of the loved ones and is unique to the individual.

Contact Us

Myriad at Pinchi Lake

9895 Pinchi Lake Road
Fort St. James, B.C. V0J 1P0
Tel: 250-612-0325

  • Retreats

  • Counselling

  • Spiritual Services

  • Yoga

  • Therapeutic Art

  • Land-Based Healing & Wellness

  • EMDR Trauma Therapy

  • Conferences & Workshops

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