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Curriculum Vitae

Lauren Aldred


                                    PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS

2008 - present             Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (Associate Member)

1994 - present             British Columbia Teachers' Federation



2019                             Appointed to the Health Art Research Centre’s Advisory Committee, University of Northern BC.


2017                             Dr. Charles Jago Award for Empathy, Northern Health Authority


2016                             Honorary membership in the Gold Key Society (University of Northern BC).


2013                             Shooting Star Award, Volunteer PG.


2003                             Local merit recognition, Golden Star “Pat on the Back” award.


1997                             Recognized by the Minister of Women's Equality through a longhouse banquet and presentation, for my service to women and children experiencing violence on                                            Haida Gwaii.



“Opening the Circle: Advocating for and Supporting Greater Indigenous Participation in Spiritual Health/Care.” CASC National Conference 2017, CASC-BC Spring Meeting 2017.


“Celebration of the Spirit: Renewal Through Spiritual Health.” Presented at Provincial Recreation Therapists Conference 2012, NHA staff workshops 2016.


“Worth the Energy! The Effects of Spiritual/Energy Healing Upon Spiritual Health”. Presented research at CASC National Conference 2015, ACEP Conference 2015, CASC-BC AGM 2015, Brown Bag Series Northern Health 2015.


“Spiritual Health in Palliative and End-of-Life Care.” Presented at Northern Health Palliative Care Webinar Series, 2015.

“Grief, Loss, Self-Care.” Presented at Northern Health Authority Regional Aboriginal Patient Liaison Conference, 2013.


“Translating knowledge into tailored interventions for women and men to address tobacco use during pregnancy and postpartum” UBC, 2011; Lorraine Greaves, M. Boscoe, N. Poole, P. Selby, C. Southerland-Brown, J.L. Bottorff. Was “local expert” and focus group leader for this research.


“Relationship Violence with Elders, Elder Abuse.” Elizabeth Fryer Conference 2007.


“Nicotine Intervention Counselling at the Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre” L. Aldred, BSASVACP Issue 2007-02


“Smoking Cessation as a Feminist Act.” Presented at Health Canada Forum 2007.


“How to Survive Your Client’s Crisis”, Sixth National Youth and Child Care Conference 1988                  


                                    EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS


Aug – Sept 2019        200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate, Trauma Informed Yoga Advanced Training


April 2018                  Currently working toward Doctor of Ministry in wellness, spirituality, expressive arts, St. Stephen’s College


May 2015                    Master of Arts (Public and Pastoral Leadership), Vancouver School of Theology


April 2015                  Completed Basic Level I&II, Advanced Training in Addictions and Compulsive Behaviour, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming)

                                    EMDR Institute


May 2014                    Second Basic Unit, Clinical Pastoral Education, St. Paul’s Hospital, recommended for equivalency to second advanced CPE Unit, Providence Health                                                               Care/Vancouver School of Theology


August 2013               Anglican Tradition (HSSP 1616), Fundamentals of Worship (LS 1110), Liturgical Leadership (LSFT 2115) Continuing Education, Anglican Immersion 

                                    Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley


August 2008                First Basic Unit, Clinical Pastoral Education Program, St. Paul's Hospital, Providence Health Care/VST


September 1997          Professional Teaching Certificate, Teacher Qualification Service


June 1997                    Bachelor of General Studies with Minors in Learning Disabilities and Educational Psychology 

May 1997                    Certificate of Liberal Arts, Simon Fraser University


January 1994              Standard Teaching Certificate, Teacher Qualification Service


December 1993          Professional Development Program (Education), Simon Fraser University


November 1987         Intensive Life Skills Coaching Course (240 hours), Toronto Y.W.C.A.


1982 - 1983                Second Year Rehabilitation Medicine, University of British Columbia


1979 - 1980                First Year Arts and Sciences, College of New Caledonia                                                                     /…2


                                   Various Training and Workshops:

Spiritual Health:  Art of Preaching 2017, Code of Ethics Module 2011/15; CASC (CAPPE) National Conference 2010/11/12/13/14/15/16/17; AGM of CASC-BC 2009/10/11/12/14/15/16/17.


Northern Health: Education Pathways I & II, Intermediate Policy and Clinical Practice Standard Development (underway), Brief Action Planning Certification, Project Management Community of Practice (ongoing), Hiring the Right Employee 2016, TCPS2 Core Research 2014, Introduction to Quality Improvement 2014, Psychological Issues & Strategies for Dealing with Trauma & Loss Crisis (N. Reeves) 2013, Critical Appraisal in Northern Health 2013, Mentorship 2013, Advance Care Directives Trainer 2013, Core Competency in Indigenous Mental Health 2012, First Nations Health Conference 2010, Code White Training 2009, Dementia 2009, Nicotine Intervention Counselor I and 5-Day Advanced Level (UMASS) 2006, NICC Brief Intervention Trainer 2005.


Counselling/Healing: Advanced EMDR Training in Addictions and Compulsive Behaviour 2017, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming I&II 2013/2015, Thought Field Therapy (Algorithm Level) 2011, Healthy Boundaries Facilitator Level I & II (FaithTrust Institute), Suicide Identification Intervention and Prevention, Reiki Levels I&II, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting Instructor (Adler Institute), Anger Management, Sexual Abuse, Family Systems, Sexuality and Youth Care, Legal Issues in Child Care, Harm Reduction (UNBC), Professional Ethics (CRA), BCCEWH Mothering and Substance Use, BCASVACP Conference Emerging Spirit: From Violence to Social Justice through Faith and Culture 2007 (also 1994, 1995, 1996), FAS and Attachment Disorder 2005, Autism Conference 2004/2006 (Chris Rose Therapy Centre), Reality Therapy 1988, Various Communications Workshops.


Interfaith Summer Institute: Decolonizing the Body; Revitalizing the Soul (IndigenousTheology/Spirituality) 2008.


Justice Institute: Critical Incident Debriefing Level I & II, BCASVACP Sexual Assault Training, Residential Program Managers Conference, Supporting Resiliency in Children Through the Court Process, Healing the Self, The Other, and The Community, Feminism and the Politics of Hope, Politics of Grief, Spirituality and Healing, BCASVACP Core Training Victim Assistance (Court Training, Group Instruction), Awakening Personal Responsibility I, Dissociation and Multiple Personality Disorder.    


Education:  Communities of Computer Managed Learning, Teaching Language Arts Across Grade Levels, SD# 81 Special Education Conference, Structure of Intellect, Introduction to the Internet, Professional Development Representative Training, Socializing the Special Needs Child, Managing Adolescents with Behavioural Problems.


B.C. Skills:  Volunteer Management, Marketing.


Other:  Therapy Dog Certification (St. John’s Ambulance), Rural Communities Summit 2003, Win-Win Negotiating, Bear Wise Certificate, Sales Training (Welcome Wagon), Occupational First Aid Level I.                                                                



Nov. 2018 – present  Part-Time Counsellor (Nechako), College of New Caledonia

                                   Personal counselling to students, presentations, therapeutic arts activities, yoga, wellness newsletter.


Dec. 2008 -  present  Manager of Spiritual Health (On Leave), Northern Health Authority

                                  Regional department oversight, administration and development. Spiritual Health services to patients and their families. Member of subcommittee of Ministry of                                            Health Spiritual Health Advisory Committee on education. Involvement in setting provincial policy in Spiritual Health regarding Medical Assistance in Dying.                                              Research in Spiritual Health. Member: Regional Ethics Committee, Municipal Interfaith Council, Person and Family Care Centred Strategy Steering Group,                                                    Aboriginal Health Improvement Committee, Staff Wellness Committee. Set up first Spiritual Care Clinical Training program in Northern Health. Liaison with                                                community faith groups, Ministerial Association and PLURA. Presentation to college and university classes and community groups on Spiritual Health. Participated                                      in focus group meeting toward the development of a Indigenous Health Advisory Council. UBC Faculty of Medicine. Co-facilitate weekly Complicated Grief Group                                      with Mental Health. Determine and meet staff training needs: Compassion Fatigue, Lateral Kindness, Care of GBLTQQ Patients, EMDR trainings. Support to staff,                                        groups for staff (e.g. Artists’ Way). Set up a “Wellness Collection” collaboratively with NHA librarian. Mentor up to seven students annually. Administer Junior                                            Volunteer Program for 125-155 youth annually.


July 2016 – present   Sole Proprietorship Counselling & Spiritual Health Practice, Myriad Wares & Services

                                   A part time counseling practice focusing on trauma, EMDR, spirituality, life transitions, meaning-making.  Previously, Part-time contract with McLeod Lake Indian                                       Band 2016-2019). Supply preaching, funerals and memorials.


Nov. 2008 - Feb. 2010  Child and Youth Therapist, Quesnel Child and Youth Support Society            

                                      Counselling through the Sexual Abuse Intervention and Child/Youth Mental Health Programs.


Nov. 2008 - Jan. 2009   Counsellor, Nenqayni Wellness Centre (Casual Position)

                                      Counselling support to Aboriginal youth and families recovering from substance abuse.


Jan. 2007- June 2010    Self-Employed Contractor

                                       Local Expert, B.C.C.E.Women's Health;  Brief Nicotine Intervention Trainer, Northern  Health Authority; Agency Relational Consultant, B.C. Schizophrenia                                                 Society (P.G.).             


Feb. 2005 - April 2007   STV Women's Counsellor, Quesnel Women's Resource Centre

                                        Mid-range counselling to women impacted by historical sexual abuse and/or relationship violence. Public speaking and education including college and university                                          courses. Prevention programs with youth. Program development. Program proposals.  

April 2006 - April 2007  Outreach Worker, Quesnel Women's Resource Centre

                                         Poverty advocacy across the spectrum. Emotional support, accompaniment. Group facilitation.

Sept. 2006 - Mar. 2007    Smoking Cessation Counsellor, Quesnel Women's Resource Centre 

                                         Individual and group counselling to women and at-risk youth.Program proposals.

July 2005 - Mar. 2006     Advocate, Voices of the Homeless, Quesnel Women's Resource Centre


Nov. 2004 - Feb. 2005   Saturday Manager / Volunteer Coordinator, St. Paul's Anglican Church Thrift Store.

                                      Staff supervision, retail management, community dinner coordination, social assistance.                           


July 2000 – July 2002   Safe Homes Worker, Golden Women’s Centre (Part Time, Occasional)

                                      Answered crisis and information calls, assisted women to shelter, crisis counselling.


Sept. 1999 – Mar 2000  Alternate Education Teacher / Head Teacher, Golden Secondary School, School District #6 (Rocky Mountain)

                                       Taught grades 8-10 computer-assisted learning across all subject areas to behaviourally challenged adolescents aged 14-16, including English, Mathematics,                                                   Science, Social Studies, Career and Personal Planning, Home Economics, Physical Education, Art.                                                                                       


July 1999 – Aug 1999    Early Childhood Literacy Instructor, Northwest Community College, Dease Lake

                                        Pre-literacy activities to children 3-5 and their families. Staff supervision, record keeping.


Sept. 1998 – June 1999   Special Education Resource Teacher K-12, Dease Lake School, School District #87

                                         In-Class/pull-out assistance to individuals and small groups in most subject areas. Administered PPVT, K-Tea, reading assessment. Coordinated school                                                           education planning meetings. Wrote I.E.P.s for 45 students (my I.E.P.s were used as the district model). Behaviour management training to students with                                                         behavioural challenges. Presented “Safe to Learn,” at a district SERT workshop. Weekly study hall attended by 75% of high school population, second semester.                                             Home Economics 11, 0.1 F.T.E.. Primarily used experiential learning and evaluation techniques. Organized four community banquets. Newsletter, Staff                                                           supervision.  


Sept. 1997 – June 1998   Satellite Teacher, Denetia School, School District # 87 (Stikine)

                                        Supported correspondence students in all subject areas, from grades 2 – 12 and adult, administered C.A.A.T., F.T.E. 0.7. K/1/2 classroom, F.T.E. 0.2, Liaison                                                  between B.C. Education Agreement students, First Nations Education Committee, families and Yukon schools, F.T.E. 0.1.Fundraising, fieldtrips, newsletter                                                    contributions, cooking for community and school events. Professional Development Representative, B.C.T.F.


Feb. 1994 – Aug 1997    Victim Assistance Coordinator, Queen Charlotte Islands Women Society

                                        Community development and liaison, support groups for women and children (including Children Who Witness Abuse Program), court preparation, advocacy,                                                coordination of victim services, volunteer training and supervision, public speaking, crisis intervention, program design, community needs assessment, education                                            to assaultive men’s groups, alternative justice circle, proposals, reports, articles. Wrote successful proposal for and implemented “Young and In Love” (dating                                                violence prevention).

                                        Women’s Counsellor

                                        Crisis and long-term counseling with women impacted by violence or residential school abuse. Co-organized first young women's conference in Masset, attended                                          by all high school women. Taught life skills in the RISE Program (employment preparation) to women.

Jan 1994 – June 1994    Tutor, Self-Employed

                                       Assisted a student to succeed in intermediate level Math, Science and English.                              


Oct. 1988 – Oct. 1989    Resource and Training Coordinator, Prince George Addictions Society

                                        Substance abuse prevention activities with students of all ages, trained volunteers in prevention activities, produced newsletter, organized community prevention                                            activities, liaison between community groups and schools, media relations, set up resource library, evaluated materials, reports to Board and government.


Nov. 1985 – Oct. 1989    Conference Speaker / Workshop Facilitator, Self-Employed

                                       “How to Survive Your Client’s Crisis”, Sixth National Youth and Child Care Conference (1988), “Dealing With Difficult Clients”, Elizabeth Frye Society, College                                          of New Caledonia Dental Assistant Program), “A Crisis Intervention Model”, Prince George Home Care Society and Prince George Receiving Home Society,

                                       “Self-Care”, Prince George Receiving Home Society, “Super Woman Syndrome” and “Time Management”,

                                         Prince George YM/YWCA, “Employment Maintenance Skills” and “Stress Management”, Prince George Chamber of Commerce, “Assertiveness Training”,                                                   McBride Recreation Society, “Adolescent Anger Management”, Youth Corrections, “Working Cooperatively With Your Social Worker”, Prince George Foster                                                 Parent Association Conference, etc..                                                                                                        

Nov. 1987 – Feb. 1988    Special Care Foster Parent, Ministry of Social Services and Housing

                                          Assisted an adolescent girl to make the transition to independent living.


Nov. 1985 – August 1988  Youth Worker / Family Support Worker / Workshop Facilitator, Kolbuc and Associates

                                           Taught life skills, parenting, anger management, job entry, counseled families, worked with adolescent sex offenders and victims of abuse, home safety                                                           assessments, treatment planning, reports.


Sept. 1987 – April 1988  Youth Compensation Program Coordinator, Central Interior Society for Correctional Tasks

                                         Found job placements for youth with court fines and victim compensation orders, program design, extensive financial and program records, reports. Received                                                 recognition from the Ministry of Attorney General for the caliber of the program’s annual report.                                                                                                    


Jan 1985 – Sept. 1987      Lifeskills Coordinator / Counsellor / House Parent, Prince George Receiving Home Society        

                                         Designed and implemented an independent living program for adolescents, supervised a staff of six, liaison between Ministries of Attorney General, Social                                                     Services and Housing, and child and parents. Counselled groups and individuals, taught life skills and employment skills, lived in as a houseparent for two years,                                           worked with adolescent sex offenders and victims of abuse, staff training, crisis intervention, reports, proposals, client needs assessments.


                                        VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE               


April 2017 to Sept 2019  Member, Municipal Interfaith Council, City of Prince George


Nov. 2016 –Nov 2018    Member of TRC & Indigenous Issues Committee, Canadian Association for Spiritual Care British Columbia

Nov. 2017 – present      Chair, Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, British Columbia

Nov. 2015 – Nov. 2017 Vice Chair (Chair-elect), Canadian Association for Spiritual Care British Columbia

Oct. 2010 – Oct. 2015   Member-at-Large, Executive, Canadian Association for Spiritual Care British Columbia


Aug. 2015 – Mar. 2017 Education Working Group, Committee of Spiritual Health Advisory Council, Ministry of Health British Columbia


May 2014 – Nov. 2015  Appointed to National Advocacy Committee, Canadian Association for Spiritual Care                              


May 2014 to present      Therapy Dog Handler, St. John’s Ambulance Brigade


Sept. 2013 – Sept 2018  Founding Chairperson, EMDR North (established for training, networking, clinical case consultation)


Jan. 2012 – Apr 2018    Licensed Minister of Word and Sacrament, St. Michael’s and All Angels Anglican Church


Feb. 2009 – Dec. 2011  Licensed Minister of Word and Sacrament, St. John Divine Anglican Church                                               


Nov. 2008 - Jan. 2009   Volunteer Chaplain, G.R. Baker Memorial Hospital


2007 - 2008                Hospitality Volunteer, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Meeting

                                   First Year Representative Student Association, Conference Volunteer Co-Coordinator; Vancouver School of Theology    


2005 - 2012                Founding Vice-President, Advocacy Resource Centre of the Cariboo

                                   Helped establish a society to advocate for all: persons experiencing poverty, disability, addictions, and other forms of  marginalization.                                                     

2003 - 2004                Member, Community Service Committee, Rotary Club International, Golden, B.C.


2003, 2004                  Organized Community Christmas Dinners, Golden, B.C.                    


2002 - 2003                Committee Member, Golden Wildlife Festival of Birds and Bears                    


2001                            Coffeehouse Fundraising Committee, Golden & District Community Foundation


2001                            Member, Parson Community Hall Society


2000                             Parent Advisory Council, Columbia Valley Elementary School                                                                         


1997                             Founding Chairperson, Harmony House (Charitable fundraising coffee house)    


1996                             Volunteer, Tahayghen Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee           


1996 – 97                    Founding Co-Chairperson, Masset Community Food Bank, St. Paul’s Anglican Church

                                    Organization, promotion, fundraising, distribution, proposal preparation. There was a ten-day span from idea to food bank opening.


1994 – 97                    Founding Chairperson/President/Past President, Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace

                                    Received society status. Wrote proposals receiving grants from the Ministry of Women’s Equality and Gwaii Trust to develop transition house proposal. Co-wrote                                          successful proposal for $500,000 funding to build, develop programs, and run transition house. Successfully lobbied downsizing Department of Defense to transfer                                        ten houses and property to B.C. Housing for use as second-stage housing. Volunteer recruiting, community fundraising, liaison: Society, Band Councils, Ministry of                                        Women’s Equality, R.C.M.P., Dept. of Defense.                                                                      


1996 – 97                    Parent Rep., Infant Development Program Advisory Committee, Q.C.I. Health Care Society

                                    Assisted in program development and implementation.


1995 – 96                    Co-Facilitator, Women’s Spirituality Group

                                    Organized and facilitated inter-faith group on a twice-monthly basis. Facilitated an inter-faith seven communities gathering in response to a community crisis.             

1987 – 90                    President / Vice-President / Board Member, Prince George Youth Shelter Society

                                    Prepared proposal to establish youth shelter. Received society status.


1986 – 87                    Founding Chairperson, PG Youth Workers Support Group

                                    Identified and met training needs.                                                                                                                             


1986 – 87                    Founding Chairperson / Secretary, Teen Suicide Prevention Committee

                                    Established a multi-disciplinary prevention team. Lobbied school district to implement positive mental health program after a sharp increase in adolescent suicide in                                      Prince George. Community education events, professional training workshops.


1980 – 81                    Children’s Aide, Prince George Child Development Centre                                               

                                   Assisted with physical therapy, speech therapy, socialization.                           


1973 – 1979                Teacher’s Aide, Gymnastics Coach, Candy Striper, Canvasser (Heart & Stroke Foundation)                   



Canoeing, snowshoeing, hiking, yoga, painting, poetry, opera, classical music, ballet, cooking, reading, pets, travel.


                                      OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE

Nov. 2004 - Feb.  2005  Cashier / Cook, Parson General Store


May 2004 - October 2004  Chambermaid / Cook's Helper, Timber Inn, Parson, B.C.


Nov. 2000 –  Dec. 2004     Owner, Myriad Wares and Services / Holy Smokes Herbal Products and Incense / Dancing Star Arts Centre

                                           Operated two small aromatherapy /herbalism businesses. Marketing, sales, product development, display, production, book keeping.  Administrated a                                                               cooperative gallery comprised of thirty-five artists and musicians.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

July 2002 – October 2003 Program Delivery Specialist, Bear Aware Program, B.C. Conservation Foundation   

                                           Public education through presentations, canvassing, presentations. Program marketing and fundraising. Reports and record keeping. Volunteer recruitment,                                                     training, supervision. 


Oct 2000 - Dec. 2003         Hostess, Welcome Wagon Incorporated (Part Time)

                                           Welcomed newcomers, new businesses / professionals, and new babies to the Town of Golden and

                                           surrounding area. Sales, marketing, promotions, reports. Received national recognition for increased visits, sponsorship. Nominated for “Community of the                                                      Year”, 2001. Nominated for "Community of the Year" 2002, received runner-up Western Canada, "Hostess of the Year" and "Community of the Year"2003.


April 1997 – June 2006    Freelance Writer, Occasional.


Nov.  1995 – April 1996   Manager, The Meeting Place (Restaurant and Meeting Centre)


Oct. 1988 – Nov. 1990     Arts Coordinator, Prince George and District Community Arts Council (Studio 2880)

                                          Organized a juried arts/crafts fair attended by over 7000, booked performers, organized concerts, public relations, media appearances, articles, recruited,                                                          supervised and evaluated a staff of 36 part-time staff and 12 volunteers, fundraising proposals, reports.


Jan. 1984 – Dec. 1984      Personal Care Attendant, Vancouver Resource Society for the Physically Disabled

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